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Everything we wear communicates a message

Your appearance is the first thing that people notice about you.
It is my passion to help empower leaders to step into their greatness by revealing and accenting their beauty and enhancing their appearance so that they can really be seen.

More than 80% of the image that people have of you is dependent on your appearance.

Yoko Tajima will help you transform your outside image to make you feel great about yourself on the inside.

Fashion is like a frame;

It is the support that allows your beautiful essence to shine.
If your frame (fashion) is not harmonized with your essence, it will be distracting and people won’t be able to see the real you.

Yoko’s Image Consulting service will find what type of style will harmonize with you.

Just like when we see the beauty of nature, landscape, or artistic masterpieces, our bodies react and we feel moved. When you are in your element, people see you, and they can’t help but be attracted to you.

As a result, our clients have seen an increase in their incomes and met their ideal partners as they become more attractive and confident with our Image Consulting services.

This is for you if you want:

-to learn what kind of fashion, hairstyle, and makeup bring out your beauty and uniqueness to attract more ideal clients and relationships.
-to be more confident about how you look.
-to have your own unique style.
-to stop worrying about if you will look good in your outfits.
-to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for you.
“If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, and if she’s impeccably dressed, you notice the woman.”  
-Coco Chanel-

What is the “Power Imaging” Method?

I created the “Power Imaging” Typing System to provide exceptionally accurate, impactful, and memorable signature style imaging for leaders who want to appear as brilliant on the outside as they are on the inside.

As an Image Consultant, I love adding value as a Guest Speaker at events and workshops produced by leaders who wish to offer something unique to their audience while enhancing and bolstering their image and presence on stage.

“Power Imaging” will help you:

-Design an original, harmonized, and integrated style including fashion, hairstyle and makeup.

-Create your own charismatic, sophisticated and successful style.

-Make shopping simple, easy, and fun!

-Find your sparkle; the real you - the one that has been hiding behind what you have been wearing.

-Feel confident to go on stage, on dates, and celebrate the most important occasions in your life.

Yoko Tajima

Founder, Power Imaging System
President, Platinumbox, Inc.
President, “Power Imaging” Association Japan

Yoko Tajima has been enchanted with fashion styling since her childhood in Japan. Yoko has studied Fashion Business in London, England, and Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling in Los Angeles. Now, she is a licensed Image Consultant based in Los Angeles. She has been featured on TV Asahi and multiple media as a sought after image consultant with clients across the globe.

After working in the TV, film, and commercial industry styling hundreds of celebrities in Tokyo as she helped her sister’s fashion styling business since she was fourteen. She found that what really fulfills her heart is to help people to bridge the gap between their outer image and inner experience, so they can be more attractive, confident, and powerful being their authentic selves. Over the past 17 years, Yoko has trained or coached thousands of leaders, artists, and employees of corporations to help them increase their sales and become more charismatic, confident.

I highly recommend working with Image Consultant Yoko Tajima.

How do I work with Yoko?

You can work with Yoko in one of the following ways.

-VIP 1 on 1 Image Consulting: This is your own private Power Imaging session with Yoko.

-Group Presentation and Power Imaging Sessions for you and your clients/ employees/ groups (i.e. Events, Family, Bridal Shower, Sales team, training sessions with employees)

-Workshop/Lesson Guest Speaker: Yoko will add value to your event and will provide popular and expert content to your audience while giving you a break from being on stage.


Book a free consultation with Yoko to see how Power Imaging can upgrade your image, business and lifestyle.

I walked into the room to speak and felt like a million dollars!

My life is forever changed!

Yoko Tajima is a woman you want to know and work with!

Image Styling advice from a different direction that maximized my energy!

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