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A message from Yoko:

Your appearance is the first thing that people notice about you. How people perceive you can be the difference between getting the deal and never even being seen or heard. It is my passion to help empower leaders to step into their greatness by revealing and accenting their beauty and enhancing their appearance so that they can really be seen.


What is “Power Imaging” Method?
I created the “Power Imaging” Typing System to provide exceptionally accurate, impactful and memorable signature style imaging for leaders who want to appear as brilliant on the outside as they are on the inside.



Business Training:
”Power Imaging” Typing System is also a viable and exciting business opportunity. Besides personal style consulting, I am proud to invite leaders to further empower themselves and build successful and fun businesses by becoming certified ”Power Imaging” Typing Consultants. We have classes in  Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, US.  (Tokyo office)



Workshop Guest Speaker:

Additionally, I love adding value as a Guest Speaker at events and workshops produced by leaders who wish to offer something unique to their audience while enhancing and bolstering their image and presence on stage.

“If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, and if she’s impeccably dressed, you notice the woman.”


by Coco Chanel

More than 80% of the image people have of you is dependent on how you look.

Yoko Tajima will help you transform your outside image to make you feel great about yourself on the inside.


Yoko Tajima

“Power Imaging” Creator

“Power Imaging” International Association President
Platinumbox, Inc. President


Enchanted with fashion styling since her childhood in Japan. Yoko has studied Fashion Business in London, Psychology and Counseling in Los Angeles and she is a licensed Image Consultant based in Los Angeles.

Yoko has helped thousands of business people to increase their sales by upgrading their image, mindset and business both in the United States and Japan.

This is for you if;

  • You want to learn what kind of fashion, hairstyle, and makeup bring out your beauty and uniqueness to attract more ideal clients and relationships.
  • You want to be confident about how you look.
  • You want to have your own unique style.
  • You want to stop worrying about if you will look good in the outfit.
  • You want to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for you.

Fashion is like a frame;

Fashion is like a frame; it is the support that allows your beautiful essence to shine.


If your frame (fashion) is not harmonized with your essence, your essence will be distracting and people won’t be able to see real you.

Yoko’s image consulting will find what type of style will harmonize with you.

Just like when we see the beauty of nature, landscape, trees and flowers, or masterpieces, our bodies react and we feel moved. When you are in your element, people see you, and they can’t help but be attracted by you.

As a result, our clients have become more confident, attractive, their income increased, and they have met their ideal partners.

If you are a leader and want to upgrade your image to be fully seen by your colleagues and clients,

 I highly recommend working with Image Consultant Yoko Tajima.


Based in LA, I have sent clients and family members to Yoko and she has helped them create their signature style through their clothes, makeup and hair styling. The result has been an increase in their ability to lead with confidence and ease.

Lisa Marie Platske
International Best Selling Author / Speaker

CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc.
Founder, Design Your Destiny Live

“Power Imaging” will help you;

  • Design an original, harmonized and integrated style including fashion, hairstyle and makeup.
  • Create your own charismatic, sophisticated and successful style.
  • Make shopping simple, easy and fun!
  • Find your sparkle; the real you - the one that has been hiding behind what you have been wearing.
  • Feel confident to go on stage, on dates and celebrate the most important occasions in your life.
  • Get out of your old energy and feel the freedom and openness to attract more new connections.
  • Feel energized and younger inside-out!
  • Finally, make your appearance match how you really want to be seen in the world.
When you are in the clothes which are harmonized with your essence, your body and skin will feel it, just like you are back to nature. When you show up, it is a gift to people around you, and the gift to your message and mission.

Workshop with Yoko is a kind of makeover of “how you show up in the world.” At its core, it is discovering your physical body and soul’s essential vibration and learning how to amplify your vibration out into the world, so there isn’t “static” in the way people experience you. In the workshop, you learn about the four primary elements, Air, Water, fire, and Earth, how to distinguish their characteristics and color palettes, and how they translate into clothing, hair styles, eye glasses, jewelry, and accessories. Each person then discovers their personal primary Element and receives a laminated color/texture fan to take shopping and make making clothing choices simple.

My life is forever changed!

My life is forever changed! If you have never had the experience of hiring a personal shopper, now is the time! While you are hustling to build your brand tend to your family, and to do all the things, my advice to you is: ASK FOR YOUR HELP AND RECEIVE THAT HELP. My experience shopping with Yoko Tajima this week was incredible!! We got some great deals and my wardrobe got a brand boost.   


Carolyn Eckman

Business Consultant

Entrepreneurial Award winner

Little things that feel like a significant change!

I enjoyed my intro session with Yoko deeply. Little things that feel like a significant change!
I look forward to finding and wearing the right element on me. Thank you so much,


Annete Marquez

Yoko’s work was truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before!

I had the opportunity to attend an image consulting workshop with Yoko Tajima in April 2017 and it was truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before. There were about 10 of us and Yoko took her time to see each of us 1×1 in front of the group. We each felt so vulnerable, yet Yoko has such an amazing way of welcoming us into the space, allowing us to be present in the moment, and seeing us as we truly are. I was surprised to discover my element, and yet it suits me quite well and as a business consultant, it has greatly helped me to develop my visual brand and establish my credibility with my clients. I highly recommend this experience to all of my clients and to anyone looking to uplevel their brand or business.


Carolyn Eckman

Business Consultant

How do I work with Yoko?

You can work with Yoko in one of the following ways.
  • VIP 1 on 1 Image consulting. Your own private session with Yoko.
  • Group Presentation and typing for you and your clients / group (i.e. Events, Family, Bridal Shower, Sales team, people in the office)
  • Workshop Guest Speaker: Yoko will add value to your event and will provide popular and expert content to your audience while giving you a break from being on stage.
  • Business Training: Yoko trains & empowers leaders to add image consulting to their business services, adding value to your clients and creating more income opportunity in your business.
Interested? Book a free consultation with Yoko to see how Power Imaging can upgrade your image, business and lifestyle.

Yoko Tajima’s Image consulting

“Power Imaging” Typing Session (private)

“Power Imaging” Group Typing Sessions/ Guest Speaking




Shopping Trip


Certification Training/ Business Training


 Los Angeles /  Tokyo 




Profile Photo Session


Closet Makeover



I walked into the room to speak and felt like a million dollars. I had what I thought were clothes that fit, shoes that rocked, and everything
I needed to stand out in the crowd. While all that was true, it was barely scratching the surface. Working with Yoko taught me so many things and actually reshaped my perspective on how I show up both in my day to day life and how I appear on the stage. I
thought I was going to get some tips on colors and that did happen but what I learned was what colors work with my skin, what textures and patterns, the accessories that work best, which shoes, the type of eyeglasses, and even which hairstyles work. When I
first thought about this, it was simply what colors work best and in the end, it went much deeper and I’ve actually included what I learned about the Fire Element (that’s what Yoko says I am) has moved from strictly business to my sports and outerwear,and
all my casual clothing as well. It is now part of all of my life. For the first time, how I show up on a stage is the same style that I show up with in every part of my life. I was nervous at first, but once I committed to it, I love it. 


 Brady Patterson

Business Consultant

Yoko’s eyes are magical and look into your soul, your essence. It’s a really valuable to know yourself and your energy better. Learning to be more visible and to no longer waste time and money on clothes that don’t work well for me.


Magali Moralis

Business Owner

Shopping with Yoko was invaluable!


 The experience really helped me learn more about my element (water) and what clothing styles that translates into. My knowledge went from theoretical to practical. I know that going forward I’ll be much more confident shopping on my own, and I’ll waste less money buying what doesn’t work for me. (And I’d love to go shopping with Yoko again!) 


 Jennifer Garrepy 

Business Owner


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