Uplevel your image & business

Power Imaging session

Without having to worry if you look good in the clothes, you wear every day.
You’ll finally feel comfortable being yourself and have the charisma to show up in a powerful, dynamic way. No more worries, fears, or hiding!

Step into your best self with an exceptionally impactful signature style & brand


Or maybe you know about this power...you don't have the time to go to a store just trying to figure out what kind of clothes work for you because you're doing all the things running your business & life.

You've seen the power of Image Styling & Personal Branding, but you just don't know enough about it.

So imagine if you could...

Show up and be seen, confidently and attract ideal clients and people 

By leaning into your unique element type, you’ll get to know yourself and your energy better. With an established visual brand, you’ll increase credibility and attract more ideal clients.

You’ll finally feel comfortable being yourself and have the charisma to show up in a powerful, dynamic way. No more worries, fears, or hiding!

In order to discover your gifts and true essence, you’ll need to get vulnerable. This is not an easy process, but it is a very rewarding one.
Know that how you show up in real life and what you post online represents your authentic self and your experience because it's polished and put together. 
If any of this sounds like a dream, we want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And we know that because we've helped thousands of business owners and leaders go from feeling lost to using a proven method that allows them to create signature styles and brands.

Where I’ve Been Featured:

1:1 90 minutes Power Imaging Session - Value $600

A Power Imaging™ session with me on Zoom where I’ll look at your face, body, tone of voice, way you speak, and body movements to discover your Element Type. We’ll go into depth on your primary and secondary types and I’ll guide you with the kind of fashion that best suits you. We’ll dive into colors, shapes, textures, fabrics, hairstyles, makeup, and products that bring out your essence. Our session will also go over what your gifts and brilliant qualities are.

You’ll receive an element style guide to help simplify your clothes buying process, a branding yourself online guide to navigate virtual meetings. 
You’ll also receive an Original Color fan and a little Element bag that has all the colors that will bring out your essence. 

power imaging session

Personal Element Style Guide 

Color Pallet (pdf)  

Shopping Tips

What's Included:

Your PRICE $600

*You will receive a link to schedule your Power Imaging Session when you complete the purchase.

Original Color fan (physical) Shipping included in the U.S. Value $100

Pinterest Board Access -Value $150

limited time bonus!

1:1 30 minutes Closet Editing Session -Value $200

You Save $450

Total Value $950

Carolyn Eckman, Founder & Owner of Rebirth your Business; FIT4MOM Santa Cruz

 While you are hustling to build your business, take care of your family, and do all the things—ask for help and receive that help!”

“If you haven’t had the experience of Yoko’s Image Consulting, now is the time! ”

After 17 years of consulting for thousands of leaders, artists, and organizations, I’ve discovered a common theme for success. Defining your own charismatic and dynamic style based on your unique element is key. Through integrating fashion, psychology, and image typing, I developed the Power Imaging™ Method designed to express your true essence. Seeing over 3,000 of my clients transform their lives from the inside out, like I did, is what I live for!
...and now, I’m here to guide you & your business. Let's chat!

I’m Yoko, an Image Consultant passionate about revealing your gifts.


power imaging & branding 

You’re hiding behind your clothing to protect your vulnerabilities.
You’re not sure how to best style yourself (fashion, hair, and makeup) to attract ideal clients.
You’re worried about how you look when you meet new people online and in real life. 
You’ve been wasting money on clothing that just doesn’t cut it for you or looks too similar to others.
You feel like you have nothing to wear.
You try to fit in with the crowd. 
You want to look authentic, approachable, and trustworthy but don’t know how.
You had an image consultant read you, but the style they suggested didn’t feel right or aligned.
You're a perfectionist and over-think everything you wear and post online.
You are so busy with work, so you want an expert to take away some of your pain by going to a store just trying to figure it out.

Is this for you?

If any of these sounds like you, keep reading because you’re exactly where you need to be.
We can't wait to welcome you into the Power Imaging & Branding Program for leaders!

Kaori Ishizu, Mrs. Queen of Japan 

Yoko is completely different from other image consultants I've worked with before. After the Power Imaging Session, the way I choose clothes has dramatically changed. I’m able to style myself to my Element Type and can enjoy life with maximized confidence.

“It’s a life-changing experience!”

The Power Imaging Method is self-paced, meaning you can change your style as soon as possible! It is possible to have a complete transformation in 60 days. If you'd like to slow the process down, you're more than welcome to take your time through it! 

HOW SOON CAN I change my style?


Explore budget-friendly options like consignment stores and embrace the versatility of a capsule wardrobe. With fewer clothes, you can enjoy a variety of stylish combinations. Ask us for tips to maximize your budget and create a wardrobe that suits your needs.

What if I want to save money on shopping?


Of course! The Power Imaging method is all about creating a style and your brand not just for your business but also for real life. You can use these styles for social media, websites, conferences, dates, brochures, advertising, media, ...the list goes on and on!




No. The Power Imaging™ method was created by yours truly after years of working as a personal stylist. It integrates fashion, psychology and image typing and is unlikely anything else you have tried before. ⁠

Is Power Imaging related to Feng Sui, star signs or enneagrams? ⁠


Sharla Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Thrive Academy

I’ve watched her transform countless lives across the globe through her Power Imaging System. She has worked with many of our clients and helped them increase their confidence dramatically.

“Yoko Tajima is a woman you WANT TO KNOW and WORK WITH”

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