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The world deserves to see your true essence. Empowering you to step into your greatness and reveal who you truly are is my specialty. Show up and be seen, confidently. 

Embrace your gifts & show off your most authentic self.

Power Image Consulting

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More than 80% of first impressions are based on your appearance. A common misconception is falling into dressing how you think you “should” versus what really accentuates your unique beauty. Whether you find yourself hiding behind your clothes like an armor of protection or you’re not feeling aligned with your existing image, I’m here to help you uncover the element style that will harmonize with you.

When you’re in your element, your essence will shine. 

Transform your image from within.

After 17 years of consulting for thousands of leaders, artists, and organizations, I’ve discovered a common theme for success. Defining your own charismatic and dynamic style based on your unique element is key. Through integrating fashion, psychology, and image typing, I developed the Power ImagingTM Method designed to express your true essence. Seeing over 3,000 of my clients transform their lives from the inside out, like I did, is what I live for!

I’m Yoko, an Image Consultant passionate about revealing your gifts.

nice to meet you,

The Power Imaging™ Method is designed to reveal your inner brilliance, make shopping fun, and bolster your confidence to magnetize your wardrobe and environment.

STEP INTO your best self WITH AN EXCEPTIONALLY impactful signature style.


By leaning into your element type, you’ll get to know yourself and your energy better. With an established visual brand, you’ll increase credibility and attract more ideal clients.



You’ll finally feel comfortable being yourself and have the charisma to show up in a powerful, dynamic way. No more worries, fears, or hiding!



In order to discover your gifts and true essence, you’ll need to get vulnerable. This is not an easy process, but it is a very rewarding one.



WORKING together will?

the world can't wait to discover your gifts.

Ready to express the true you?

Sharla Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Thrive Academy

I’ve watched her transform countless lives across the globe through her Power Imaging System. She has worked with many of our clients and helped them increase their confidence dramatically.

“Yoko Tajima is a woman you WANT TO KNOW and WORK WITH”

Mompreneur Group

There were about 10 of us and Yoko took her time to welcome us into the space, allow us to be present in the moment, and see us as we truly are. I was surprised to discover my element. It has greatly helped me to develop my visual brand and establish my credibility with my clients. I highly recommend to anyone looking to uplevel their brand or business.

“Yoko’s work was truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before!”

Kaori Ishizu, Mrs. Queen of Japan 

Yoko is completely different from other image consultants I've worked with before. After the Power Imaging Session, the way I choose clothes has dramatically changed. I’m able to style myself to my Element Type and can enjoy life with maximized confidence.

“It’s a life-changing experience!”

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