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I know what it’s like to hide behind the “armor” of your clothing. When I discovered my element type, I felt resistance, but I leaned into it because I wanted to change my life. It did. The response of those around me shifted dramatically. My confidence grew as I started attracting ideal clients and stopped hiding my true self. I want the very same for you.

I’m extremely passionate about giving you the keys to embrace your inner gifts.

so you want to get to know me?

I wasn't interested in focusing on my appearance because it seemed superficial, but I wanted to make a change in my life so I followed the advice. It was magical. As I gained confidence, I started attracting people around me who felt inspired and wanted support. I felt called to help people feel seen and bridge the gap between their outer image and inner essence. So, the Power Imaging Method was born. With it, I reveal your inner gifts so you can embrace your authentic self and make the world a better place. 

After I met an image consultant, my life changed.

I always dreamed of opening a boutique of my own. From the age of 14, I worked with my sister's fashion styling business in Tokyo, assisting hundreds of celebrities. While studying Fashion Business at a university in London, I was disappointed to discover that fashion didn't fulfill my heart. Disappointed, I went through a difficult time and moved to the States. I returned to business school and studied Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling. When people started asking me for business support, I spent time coaching on mindset and marketing strategies.

As a child in Japan, I was enchanted with fashion styling.

my background

I followed the advice for my element type. There was a change in how I felt and how people approached me that led to me getting my own license. 

met an image consultant


I began doing counseling and coaching in LA where I trained thousands of leaders, artists, and organizations. Helping them uplevel their businesses through mindset and strategies.

Started my business


I studied Fashion Business at a university in London and discovered that it doesn’t really fulfill my heart. Disappointed and suffering from panic disorder, I moved to LA when I got married and started my healing journey. I went back to school and studied Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling. 

studied in london


I became enchanted with fashion styling and dreamed of opening my own boutique. Ever since I was 14, I started working in the TV, film, and commercial industry assisting my sister with styling hundreds of celebrities in Tokyo. I helped her until 2004.

childhood in japan


Everything that led me here.


Based in LA, I work with people from all over the world to step into their true selves and let their inner brilliance shine. 

Work With People Worldwide


I’ve developed the Power Imaging Association in Tokyo to educate people on how to dress and best express themselves. Japanese culture focuses on hiding ourselves instead of standing out. With my passion for leaning into our unique essence, I teach people that we don’t have to be perfect. Instead, we should embrace our personalities, express our authentic selves, and show off our gifts. I also train consultants and work with corporations.

Founded Power Imaging Association Japan 


After 17 years of consulting, I discovered that successful people have certain things in common. Based on them, I integrated fashion, psychology, and image typing to develop the Power Imaging™ Method that uncovers people’s inner essence. This method analyzes which Element Type you belong to and how that plays a role in the physical, mental, and emotional parts of yourself. I’ve become a sought-after image consultant transforming the lives of clients across the globe. 

Creation of the Power Imaging Method & Incorporated PlatinumBox, Inc.


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