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Yoko Tajima

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Join me for a Free Training. I will be sharing tips on elevating your appearance on video calls. 

3 steps to brand your appearance on video calls

trust begins with first impressions

This training is for you if;

Free training

You had an image consultant read you, but the style they suggested didn’t feel right or aligned. 

You want to look authentic, approachable, and trustworthy but don’t know how. 

You’ve been wasting money on clothing that just doesn’t cut it for you or looks too similar to others. 

You’re worried about how you look when you meet new people online and in real life.

You’re not sure how to best style yourself (fashion, hair, and makeup) to attract ideal clients. 

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After 17 years of consulting for thousands of leaders, artists, and organizations, I’ve discovered a common theme for success. Defining your own charismatic and dynamic style based on your unique element is key. Through integrating fashion, psychology, and image typing, I developed the Power ImagingTM Method designed to express your true essence. Seeing over 3,000 of my clients transform their lives from the inside out, like I did, is what I live for!

I’m Yoko, an Image Consultant passionate about revealing your gifts.

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