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Yoko Tajima

SERVING los angeles, Tokyo, & virtually

Join me for a Free Training. I will be sharing tips on elevating your appearance on video calls. 

3 steps to brand your appearance on video calls

trust begins with first impressions


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This Webinar is for you if;

Free webinar

* You’re not sure how to best style yourself (fashion, hair, and makeup) to attract ideal clients.

* You’re worried about how you look when you meet new people online and in real life. 

* You’ve been wasting money on clothing that just doesn’t cut it for you or looks too similar to others.

* You feel like you have nothing to wear.

* You try to fit in with the crowd. 

* You want to look authentic, approachable, and trustworthy but don’t know how.

You’re hiding behind your clothing to protect your vulnerabilities.
* You had an image consultant read you, but the style they suggested didn’t feel right or aligned.

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